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Gift card

Treat someone you love to an unforgettable night at Gro Spiseri.  The concept it very simple. 

  1. Select the gift you want to give. Depending on how many you are buying for, you choose the amount covering the cost of the menus (including shipping fee).
  2. Go to the the checkout and pay for the gift card. At the checkout you can choose to send the gift card directly to the receiver, including a short message, or you can send it to your own email.
  3. When the gift card has been given, the receiver can use the unique gift card code to book any night they want on our webpage, they just make a regular booking and "pay" with the gift card code at the checkout.

Gift cards are only available through our store as an email or printable pdf, we do not issue physical/plastic gift cards. The gift card will expire one year after is has been issued. If you would like to give drinks as a gift as well, this can be done by invoice. Just send an email with your request to

Gift Card
from 408.00

Choose the amount you want to give in the dropdown menu below.

  • 408 dkk: 5-course menu for one (including payment fee)
  • 816 dkk: 5-course menu for two (including payment fee)  
  • 1224 dkk: 5-course menu for three (including payment fee)  
  • 1632 dkk: 5-course menu for four (including payment fee)