(03.09.18) 2-course vegetarian Monday kitchen

(03.09.18) 2-course vegetarian Monday kitchen


Choose the 1st, 2nd or 3rd seating below. If you want to make a booking for more than 12 persons please write us an email instead on booking@grospiseri.dk. If you are booking on the same date you plan to visit please call in advance on +45 31 87 07 45.

The 1st, 2nd or 3rd seat:


First Monday of the month is a special Monday at Gro spiseri. On this day we offer our famous Vegetarian Monday kitchen.

The garden forms the evening frame where our amazing chefs emphasize a vegetarian main course and a dessert with delicious local, organic and biodynamic ingredients. All of this for only 175 dkk

Guests will have one hour to enjoy the dinner in warm greenhouse – but you can hang out as long as you want around bonfires under the open starry sky, if the weather permits it.

We note that on these 'Monday kitchens' we are unable to meet special preferences and allergies.

Choose between the 1st seating  (17.00), the 2nd seating (18.30) or the 3rd seating (20:00)