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The rooftop farm - ØsterGro

Gro Spiseri is located on ØsterGRO - the first rooftop farm in Denmark, established on top of the old car-auction house, Nellemannhuset, in the heart of Copenhagen's Climate Neighbourhood. ØsterGRO covers 600 m2 with fields of organic vegetables, herbs and eatable flowers, a greenhouse, henhouse and three bee-hives. ØsterGRO is organized as a community-supported agriculture (CSA) and sells its produce, in cooperation with the urban agriculture Seerupgaard in Dragør, to 40 members who pay for one year at a time for a share of the harvest. But ØsterGRO is not only for the members and volunteers who participate in the project. It is a green breathing space for the whole city! With Gro Spiseri we want to invite even more people up in our green surroundings creating unique dining experiences for our guests. During the year, you can enjoy seasonal dinners around the long table in the greenhouse, as well as the many food-workshops and open-air special events we run.

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